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Each year, the ACE Awards (Advocates for Character and Education) honor 66 male and female students who are considered true “unsung heroes” in their schools. This award was created to recognize students who often go unnoticed for one reason or another, but have accomplished great things in their community, church or school. These students will be recognized at the ACE Awards ceremony for outstanding character and academic effort.

If you would like to nominate a Greenville County 8th or 12th grader, please complete and submit this nomination form on-line. All nominations must be submitted by January 31st. An ACE Awards Advisory Committee at each school will choose finalists from among those nominated to complete an application for the ACE Award. One male and one female will be chosen from each middle and high school in Greenville County. All ACE award recipients will be recognized at the ACE Awards ceremony in the spring.

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Why does this student deserve the ACE Award? Include any challenges, achievements, community service or any unique attributes that would make this student a good candidate for this ACE Award. Please use the space below.

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