ACE Awards



“I deeply appreciate the recognition given to me at the ACE Awards ceremony. It is important to recognize greatness in youth and to encourage the seed of altruism in the hearts and minds of students. Together, we can begin to improve our local as well as global community. Through programs such as the ACE Awards, we head towards
a brighter and better future”

- Darby Hutchinson, Travelers Rest High School

“The ACE Awards was a huge honor that will forever impact my life. It gave me a chance to interact with my peers who had the same goals in life as me. I feel that all of my fellow ACE Award winners were recognized with the respect that they deserved. I feel overjoyed to be a part of such a great experience.”

- Kassie Bridwell, Sevier Middle School

Being selected as an ACE Award winner means that I don’t seek out attention for my accomplishments. It’s nice to be selected for an award for being an unsung hero in this day and age when showboating and ego are a big part of society.”

- Michael Stewart, Riverside High School

"The experience of winning the ACE Award was amazing and made me feel important inside. The ceremony was perfect! I am thankful for the kindness, time, effort and thought that were spent finding the gifts to fill the travel bag. I am honored and humbled to have been picked out of so many well deserving 8th graders. I will continue to be of good character and to make you proud.”

- Hayden Lines, Blue Ridge Middle School

“Being a 2014 ACE Awards winner means the world to me. It shows that what others and I do does not go unrecognized, and our hard work actually does make a difference. It gives me the ambition to continue to help in any ways I can to better my community. For that I am truly grateful!”

-Taylor Sligh, Hughes Middle Academy

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